BB Acres
Breeding, Training, & Delivering
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BB Acres
Breeding, Training, & Delivering
Baron Brausen & Cassie Morgan
138 Lindsey Cemetery Road
Madisonville, TN 37354
Baron's cell: 1-865-803-2881
Cassie's cell: 1-423-381-9418
Current delivery plans

We plan to leave here, to head Northeast, on March 5th, 2021. After we return, we plan to immediately head West.

Delivery scheduled are set up more exact when we know exactly which puppies are being delivered, and to where?


We offer ground shipping, in our van, for any of the puppies that are from our farm, at Not available for any outside dogs or puppies. While being delivered, puppies usually arrive crate and leash trained! Some training is included with delivery. Your puppy will be kept fed, watered, clean, walked, played with, bed and toys, and cared for during the trip!

Why you should have your puppy delivered by us, instead of another puppy transporter:

* We will only deliver our own/Baron's parents puppies. No outside puppies will ever be exposed to your puppy or our van. Puppies from other breeders might have fleas or worms, or something contagious? Other ground transporters do deliver for many other breeders, and who knows what your puppy can get exposed to?

* We live on the same property as the puppies live on. We spend time with all of the dogs and puppies on this property on a regular basis,
/usually daily, and your puppy already knows us.

* Most often, your puppy will get to travel along with their siblings, or at least other puppies that they know, and are accustomed to!

* Stress is much lower since the smells and who they are all with, they  are already familiar with.

* Your puppy will receive more training during the trip, with us, then they would with most other puppy transporters. Puppies also get plenty of attention and care during their trip!

* If a puppy does get car sick, or if a medical issue should arise during the trip, we are more equipped to take the proper care of your puppy, due to them being from our own family kennel!

* We actually already know your puppy and your puppies parents! We understand your puppeis needs better then a stranger or outside transporter would.

Puppies must be at least 7 weeks old, which is when tehy are weaned, or older, before they can leave.

Delivery costs depends on the distance. It is $50 per 100 miles, for up to 1,000 miles/$25 per 50 miles, rounded up, if over 100 miles. The first 100 miles is $50, even if less then 100 miles.

If more then one puppy is delivered to the same person, the second puppy's delivery is half price!

If more then 1,000 miles, it is $25 per 100 miles, after the first1,000 miles.

Shipping is calculated from the farm address, which is 124 Lindsey Cemetery Road, Madisonville, TN 37354 to your address or meeting spot.

We do prefer to meet at truck stops, near your home, or any truck stop that is acceptable to you. However, delivering to your home is available if you prefer or require.

You may pay in full right away, or you may pay a deposit, if over $100, by using the $100 delivery button below. and pay the balance on delivery.

Delivery/meeting pricing examples:

Picking up here, yourself, at 124 Lindsey Cemetery Road, Madisonville, TN 37354 = Free

Meeting in Madisonville, TN either at the Walmart or Bojangles = Free

Farther then Madisonville, TN but 100 miles or less = $50 (Example would be if meeting at the Knoxville airport? Which would be $50.)

100 to 1,000 miles at $50 per 100 miles. So, 300 miles = $150, or 1,000 miles = $500, ect.

Over 1,000 miles, the first 1,000 = $500. Any additioanal miles over 1,000 miles are $25 per 100 miles.

So, 1,200  miles would be $500 for the first 1,000 miles, and $50, at $25 each 100 miles, for the additional 200 miles. Total comes to $550 up to 1,200 miles.  

Or if 2,400 miles, $500 for the first 1,000 miles, and $350 for the additional 1400 miles for a total of $850.

Is like (10 X $50) + (14 X $25) = $850

The last two zeros are dropped on distance due to the per 100 miles.

There is also an additional $50 fee paid to Karen, from the web site, for the health certificate.